Helping Children with Loss

The natural instinct of most parents is to shield their children from painful experiences. However, in our efforts to protect them, we may unintentionally pass on the same misconceptions about dealing with grief that we learned during our own childhoods. This might unintentionally encourage them to suppress their painful emotions and avoid expressing them.

This program offers a comprehensive approach to equipping parents and caregivers with the necessary tools to effectively support their children through the grieving process. It provides practical guidance and strategies aimed at helping parents recognize and address their children's emotional needs during times of loss and grief. Through a structured curriculum, participants will learn how to create a supportive environment for their children, foster open communication, and encourage healthy expression of emotions.

Additionally, the program covers techniques for helping children cope with grief in age-appropriate ways and offers resources for further support. Ultimately, the program aims to empower parents with the knowledge and skills needed to guide their children through the healing journey of a broken heart.

Program Benefits

This educational program is tailored to equip participants with the necessary tools to support children. It's not limited to parents; it's beneficial for teachers, school counselors, and anyone else in contact with children

The skills learned are invaluable for helping children cope with various losses, such as the passing of a parent, grandparent, sibling, family divorce, or even the loss of a pet.

During the program, you will gain insights into various types of loss and have the freedom to choose which specific loss you want to focus on.

These groups require a weekly commitment to complete honesty and strict confidentiality, ensuring a safe space where you can freely express your emotions.

This course consists of four weekly sessions, each lasting approximately two and a half hours.

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