Pet Loss

The grief associated with any emotional loss can be utterly overwhelming and can lead to feelings of isolation. It's common to find that the people we usually turn to for emotional support may struggle to offer meaningful assistance in such situations. This challenge becomes even more pronounced when dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. The experience of losing a cherished pet can be overwhelmingly emotional, yet sadly, many people in our lives may underestimate or fail to fully comprehend the depth of this sorrow.

Here are some benefits of Pet Loss Support Groups

These groups are uniquely tailored for pet loss, ensuring that you'll be in the company of individuals who have shared the experience of losing a beloved pet and can empathize with the profound emotional pain it entails.

Our program guides you through a series of steps to explore and address any lingering feelings of wishful thinking, such as longing that things could have been different, better, or more in your relationship with your cherished pet

These groups require a weekly commitment for complete honesty and unwavering confidentiality, ensuring a safe space where you can openly share your emotions without reservation.

Our Grief Recovery Method Support Groups for Pet Loss consist of six sessions, specifically tailored to help you navigate the unique emotional aspects of your individual loss.

6-Session Program
2 hours each session

Time/ Date TBD - due to participant's availability